List of what you need to travel with your baby

It’s amazing how many things smaller travelers need. Here’s the checklist that will make traveling so much easier, plus some tips to make packing easy and efficient. You will find additional information in our articles on how to travel comfortably with a baby and travel with a small child .

What you need to pack

One for every hour you will be traveling, plus some extras in case of delays

Diaper changing pad
You can buy a disposable one at the supermarket or a reusable one at baby supply stores.

Bring some, you will use them to lay your baby in them, to cover him, to cover you when breastfeeding if you wish, to protect your clothes when you take the air out, to shade your baby and much more.

It is recommended to wear a sinon body pillow, it will be useful for your baby to be comfortable.

Plastic bags Carry different sizes, you will use them for dirty diapers and for dirty clothes and blankets.

Cream for diaper rash or rash

Wet wipes

Small bottles of hand sanitizer gel, soap and baby cream

Disposable tissues

Extra pacifiers (if your baby uses them)

Some of your baby’s favorite toys

Extra clothes, socks and little shoes
A good suggestion is one or two complete changes per day.

Washable bibs

Sun hat

Plastic utensils to feed your baby and baby food
If your baby is already eating Guide: solid foods and the utensils you will need
Formula, water and juices, if your baby consumes them, or soy milk if your baby is lactose intolerant.

Extra bottles, nipples and training cups, if your baby uses them

Snacks that give you energy Breast

pump (if you use it)

Night lamp
So that you can keep the light low during midnight diaper changes

First aid kit
To treat your baby’s pain and some minor injuries

Shawl or other baby
carrier Allows you to hold your baby and have your hands free at the same time, as well as keep your baby close in crowded places like an airport.

Portable crib or playpen
It will give you a safe place for your baby to play or sleep.

Inflatable baby tub
It will facilitate bath time wherever you go.

Seat for the car or for the airplane

Folding stroller
You can raise it to the door of the airplane.